Terms and Conditions of Hire and Use

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Responsibilities of Hirer

Hirer must be over 18yrs, will be present for the whole of the booked period and accept full responsibility for the following: supervision of the event in respect of care, safeguarding and behaviour of those present; familiarisation of fire procedures (see below); awareness of health & safety risks; hygiene legislation regarding the preparation and cooking of food if applicable; compliance with licensing statutes; adherence to the No Smoking regulation. If alcohol is to be sold or consumed, permission to apply for a TEN license must be obtained from the Booking Clerk.

Hirer to ensure that the hall premises are only used for the purposes as outlined in booking form; that no illegal drugs nor over indulgence of alcohol is permitted; no flammable substances (including decorations) or portable heaters are brought into the hall without the consent of the Booking Clerk; any accidents are recorded in the Accident Book (located in the entrance lobby) and advised immediately to the Booking Clerk ; animals other than guide-dogs are not permitted unless written permission has been granted in advance and no animals should be allowed into the kitchen area.

The hirer agrees not to exceed the maximum permitted number of people per room including the organisers/performers
– Main Hall 130 / Committee Room 20.

Alcohol – If your intended event involves bringing alcohol onto the hall or field premises in any way whatsoever, you must advise the Booking Secretary when seeking a booking and you must include the fact on your Booking Form. In three kinds of circumstances, no further action is then required of you (1) where the alcohol will be in bottles or other containers that remain closed throughout the event and that are used as prizes in raffles, competitions or similar, alongside other non-alcoholic prizes (2) where the event is to be a purely private one , such as a family party or a wedding reception open only to specifically invited guests and where no charge is made; (3) where the event is organised by a club or society but the alcohol is genuinely free of any charge, direct or indirect, to the participants, having been donated, or brought in by individuals solely for their own consumption. Before an ad-hoc event including licensable activities takes place in England or Wales, the local licensing authority must be given Notice that “licensable activities” are planned. A TEN Application Pack can be requested from Wychavon District Council, Tel 01527 881454 or 881263. A TEN can then be obtained by delivering a completed (postal) application to Wychavon District Council together with the correct fee (£21), at least ten clear working days before the event. You must also deliver a copy to the Police – Licensing Officer, West Mercia Constabulary, Police Station, Hatherley Road, Kidderminster, DY11 6AN. A Temporary Event Notice can be submitted online or by post no later than ten clear working days before the event but it is strongly recommend that at least six weeks’ notice be given to allow time for any problems to be resolved. It is your responsibility to submit the TEN, but you may only do so with the express and prior consent of the Booking Secretary and you must send to him/her a copy of the permission before your event takes place. In all circumstances, you will be responsible legally for the proper management of any sale or supply of alcohol that is permitted at your event.

Damage, Preparation and Clearing Away
5 The named hirer is responsible for any damage to the fabric or contents of the hall and field and may have to surrender the deposit monies as payment for the reinstatement or repairs or extra cleaning.

Hirers should allow time before and after the event for preparing the hall and any other facilities and for clearing away at the end of the event such that the facilities are in the same state as when first entering the hall. Hours booked should include these times.
Noise and behaviour

The hirer will endeavour to ensure that the level of any noise is kept within acceptable limits, with particular reference to the evening hours, and that all music ceases at 11.30pm.

Movement of vehicles on the car-park and in the surrounding roads should be kept to a minimum particularly in the late evening.

The hirer will also be conscious of the behaviour on the part of those at the event and will take all necessary steps to ensure a responsible attitude towards other guests and residents of Beckford.
Heating and lighting

Heating and lighting will be available throughout the session period. Any unforeseen interruption in the electrical supply should be notified to the Booking Clerk (see note 19)

The use of candles is prohibited but tea-lights may be used if placed in non-combustible containers.
Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

Should the event involve children, young people and/or vulnerable persons, the Hirer should be aware and comply with the requirement of the Disclosure and Barring Service for persons actively engaged in/with the event.

We require groups and individuals to have a current policy of safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults. Please refer to BCVH’s Safeguarding Policy on the website.
Sale of Goods

The hirer is also required to comply with the provisions of the Fair Trading Laws if the event involves the sale of merchandise e.g. prices are prominently displayed as well as the organisers name and address. Any discounts offered should be based on the Manufacturers’ Recommended Retail price.

The hirer may consider insuring the event to cover any claims made upon the Hirer by BCVH Ltd in the event of any accidental or malicious damage, breakages, loss of property or injury to persons.

If your booking is for a commercial venture – that is, for an activity or organisation trading for profit – the Booking Secretary will require a covering letter on your organisations’ official stationery, confirming the purpose, date and period of hire for which you are applying, signed by an authorised signatory, together with a copy of a valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate.

Cancellation by the hirer at a time when it would be unlikely to be able to re-booked with another hirer will be charged at the fee agreed in this agreement. BCVH Ltd reserves the right to cancel in the event of an emergency; required by a local authority; subsequent to receipt of information that may invalidate the booking e.g. breach of licence, unlawful / unsuitable activities.
In Case of Fire

Hirers are expected to familiarise themselves with the position of the FIVE fire extinguishers, the THREE emergency exits and the TWO “Break Glass Alarms”. These are all clearly marked on a plan inside the entrance lobby of the village hall.

In case of fire the hirer should determine whether to use a fire extinguisher or break one of the two glass Fire “Break Glass” Alarms and ensure the immediate evacuation of the building.

By using a mobile phone the hirer should a) ring 999 to summon the Fire Brigade and other emergency services as is required b) ring the following numbers in order to alert village residents: Lucy Griffiths, (Booking Clerk) 07506 190385 and Janna Gowthorpe 01386 881350.

Occupants evacuated should meet at the Assembly Point on the grass to the left of the village hall and the hirer should determine if everyone at the event is accounted for and await the arrival of the emergency services.
Other reminders

Any electrical equipment brought onto the Hall premises by the Hirer or on behalf of the Hirer (i.e. Music players, Disco equipment, etc.) must be in safe working order and PAT (Portable Appliance Test) Certified.

You are reminded that the Hall is a No Smoking Area. Failure to ensure this condition is observed will result in automatic loss of the deposit.

Emergency exit doors must remain unobstructed during a letting. 

Bringing fireworks into the hall, or the ignition of fireworks in the hall or on the fields, is expressly forbidden.  

Accidents should be recorded on the appropriate form and deposited in the Accidents Form Box in the entrance lobby.

Please ensure that all heaters, water heaters and lights are switched off, and all doors and windows are securely closed when you lock up the Hall. Close and lock the field gate on completion of the letting and return keys to key holder. Please check the notice boards in the entrance lobby for any further information we would like you to know.

Cleaners attend once a week. Therefore please remove excessive rubbish from the kitchen and never leave food waste behind. The premises should be left in a good clean state ready for the next letting.

BCVH Ltd reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions at any time at their discretion.