Website Manual

Please see the video above. I know it's a long one but it covers most sections of the website.

Please excuse the dodgy accent and the croaky voice- the hay fever has got the better of me today!

Important things to remember:

  • You need to be signed in to the website to edit it. Go to  and sign in with your details that is sent to your email address…booking@ chair@ and so on…
  • Once you are signed in, click on top left where it says ” “Beckford Village.” This is where you can go to specific page and click above (on the black toolbar) “Edit with Elementor” 
  • Once you are in Elementor, “Little pencil” is your friend! Click to edit anywhere on the page. It will open on the left. 

Hire Hall and Regular Bookings Table

  • Minute 8.43 on the video.  You will see a little edit on the bottom of the table. This is where you can click and edit. Don’t forget to save!

What’s On

  • Minute 38.09. To add or edit an Event, go to the dashboard (the page where it takes you once you sign in)
  • Click on the What’s On on the left bar. Either click on the event to edit or add new on the top. 

Upcoming Events 

Minute 10.45

Configure Facebook

Minute 23.40

Gallery on the Facilities Page (hiding)

Minute 26.14